DIVOT Magazine is hand delivered throughout the Denver metro area, from Castle Rock through Boulder, by our very own staff,not a third party service. This insures that our publication gets to every distribution point on our list in a clean and professional manner. Our distribution staff has developed excellent relationships over the last 24 years so that the locations that allow us to display DIVOT, do it with friendship and pride. 

Press Run:
25-30k readers each issue throughout all of Colorado 
with an emphases on the Denver metro area. 
100k annual readership

Hand Delivered - 15,000+ Copies:
Throughout Denver Area, Boulder, Castle Rock.
Locations include every golf courses and golf related business including
golf learning centers, driving ranges, golf and sports retail outlets,
outdoor street stands, doctors offices, bars, restaurants, hotels,
rental car agencies, tournaments and special events.

UPS Shipping Throughout the State - 8,000+ Copies:
18-hole golf courses, golf related businesses, Colorado Welcome Centers.

Special Events - 2,000+ Copies:
Golf Tournaments & Special Events

Additional Circulation:
As the Official Golf Publication for the Denver Golf Expo, DIVOT Magazine is 
handed to every attendee that walks through the door. This increases the circulation 
of the Winter Issue by 10,000 in addition to the normal circulation for this 
issue which is printed in early January.

Digital DIVOT Magazine
Every issue is converted to an easy to read, digital flip page format and emailed
to our exclusive list of more than 100,000 Colorado golfers.

Publishing Schedule

DIVOT Magazine is published 4 times each year around Colorado's four amazing seasons!
Most of Colorado's golf information and marketing efforts are designed around these seasons
so our schedule helps you position yourself in the best possible way, at the best possible time. 

Dates & Deadlines
4 Seasonal Issues Published Each Year

Denver Golf Expo Issue
Shelf Life: January - March
Deadline: December 20

Spring Issue
Shelf Life: April - June
Deadline: March 20

Summer Issue
Shelf Life: July - September
Deadline: June 20

Fall/Winter Issue
Shelf Life: October - December
Deadline: September 20

Story / Press Release Specs

Most advertising programs include editorial coverage.

1/2 Page Story:
No image = 250 - 300 words:
One large image or two small images = 150 - 200 words

Full Page Story:
No image = 700 - 800 words:
One large image or two small images = 500 - 550 words

Two Page Spread Story:
No image = 1500 - 1700 words:
One large image or two small images = 1000 - 1200 words
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2 Page Spread                          Full Page                  1/2 Page                   1/4 Page
Trim: 19" w X 11.5" h 
Image: 18.5" w X 11" h
Bleed: 19.5" w X 12" h
Trim: 9.5"x X 11.5" h
Image: 9" w X 11" h
Bleed: 10" w X 12" h
V: 4.425" w X 10.825" h
H: 9" w X 5.25" h
V: 2.137" w X 10.825" h
H: 4.425" w X 5.25" h
1 Time: $2700
2 Times: $2300 / per
3 Times: $1900 / per
4 Times: $1500 / per
1 Time: $1500
2 Times: $1300 / per
3 Times: $1100 / per
4 Times: $900 / per
1 Time: $900
2 Times: $800 / per
3 Times: $700 / per
4 Times: $600 / per
1 Time: $500
2 Times: $450 / per
3 Times: $400 / per
4 Times: $350 / per
First 4 pages and last 4 pages are printed on 60lb gloss cover stock.
Additional $1000 per issue for back cover (60lb gloss cover stock).
Additional $500 page, per issue for pages 2-4 (60lb gloss cover stock).
Additional $500 per page, per issue for any of the last 3 pages (60lb gloss cover stock).

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